Bicyclist Struck By Vehicle Near Downtown Topeka

Bicyclist Struck By Vehicle Near Downtown Topeka.

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Topeka police say a bicyclist was sent to a local hospital with potentially serious injuries after a collision with a vehicle near downtown Topeka.

Police say the wreck was reported at 6:50 pm Monday. They say a car southbound on SW Van Buren and a bicyclist who was eastbound on SW 3rd collided in the intersection.

The intersection of SW Van Buren and SW 3rd St. remained closed in all directions as of 8:30 pm Monday while authorities continued their investigation.

Police said the bicyclist was taken from the scene in critical condition, though the extent of the injuries was not known.

The Question

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I’ve been struck by the way in which the coverage of the bus crash that seriously injured a teenager last Friday as she crossed the street with the legal right of way exposes a core philosophy of traffic violence apologists. This philosophy has mostly played out in Pete Donohue’s coverage in the Daily News, but it’s a common point of view anytime an incident like this becomes the subject of debate: Death and serious injury, it seems, are the cost of doing business in the big city.

J.P. Patafio of TWU Local 100 said, “The law of averages has it we’re going to get into an accident.” Donohue, arguing on Twitter, has essentially said the same thing. The occasional bus crash in which a pedestrian is maimed or killed is just an accident and not a crime, and not something that should concern the law in any meaningful way beyond…

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What’s old is new again

The right to ride bikes in the road is more than 125 years old – and here’s proof!

“One of the most imperative duties of city governments in this country is to keep their public streets in such a condition that citizens can travel along them with safety, and without any unnecessary delay.

“Each citizen has the absolute right to choose for himself the mode of conveyance he desires, whether it be by wagon or carriage, by horse, motor or electric car, or by bicycle, or astride of a horse, subject to the sole condition that he will observe all those requirements that are known as the ‘law of the road.’

“This right of the people to the use of the public streets of a city is so well established and so universally recognized in this country that it has become a part of the alphabet of fundamental rights of the citizen.

“While the tyranny of the American system of government very largely consists in the action of the municipal authorities, this right has not yet been questioned or attempted to be abridged. There can be no question, then, but what a citizen riding on a bicycle in that part of the street devoted to the passage of vehicles is but exercising his legal right to its use, and a city ordinance that attempted to forbid such use of that part of a public street would be held void, as against common right.”

Swift v. City of Topeka, 43 Kan. 671, 23 P. 1075, 1076 (1890).

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Bike Month: counting down to May!

May is coming soon! Have a look at the “Ride Calendar” to see what the month has in store. Two of Topeka’s premier cycling events – the Cottonwood 200 and the Capital Classic – will be highlights. There will also be a hoppin’ Block Party in NOTO from 1-4pm on Saturday, May 30th, to round out the month – and send off the summer. There is also a bicycle-themed art show planned for the whole month of May, to be shown in the NOTO Arts District headquarters – a.k.a. the old Post Office.

A special new feature this year is the series of DQ Rides – visiting a different Dairy Queen in Topeka every Monday of the month. If you have a weekly ride that you would like to have listed on the calendar, please get in touch via the comments below!


Brick Streets as Traffic Calming: An Alternate Utopia

It’s no mistake that paving bricks are still in use today in cities around the world. Bricks are cheap to produce, incredibly resilient, and are a flexible paving medium. They conform to the geological shape of the road, and unlike concrete or asphalt, they don’t crack, they just settle. They’re bumpy and noisy to drive over, but this is nothing that a car can’t handle. Brick streets also tend to encourage slower speeds for this reason.

As a sidewalk surface, they’re terrible. Unless the bricks were laid or re-laid within the last decade, they tend to settle and bulge over holes and tree roots, and create a terribly inconsistent surface for walking. They’re even worse, sometimes impossible to traverse for anything with wheels – be it a bicycle, skateboard, wheelchair, or walker.

So what if we flipped the script? All sidewalks and sidepaths could be paved with concrete or asphalt and be perfectly contiguous, with curb cuts and lines of sight from one destination to another. And all streets could be paved with bricks. If we’re going to build the world for walking and cycling, we’ve got to start somewhere.

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Rent a Bike in Downtown Topeka


Coming soon – only about two and a half months away!

Originally posted on KSNT News:

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Get ready to see more bicycles in downtown Topeka.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us more about a bike rental program that is coming to the capital city this summer.

“It’s really an exciting time to be a cyclist,” Karl Fundenberger said.

He rides his bike everyday.

He says a new rental bike program will make it easier to wheel around in the capital city.

“I’ve used the bike share systems in a few other places when I’ve been traveling and it’s such a convenience to have that available,” Fundenberger said.

The Topeka Metropolitan Transit is spending $162,000 on 50 bikes, 75 bike racks, 7 hub locations and 4 registration kiosks.

All Social Bikes or SO-BI’s will have an on-board transaction computer that will allow you to check out and pay for the bike.

Riders can charge the bikes on an hourly rate or an…

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