Reader Response to “Suburban Renewal”

Guest post by Michael Bellin response to Suburban Renewal "Slums," as well as blight, is ALWAYS in the eye of the beholder. The 2005 SCOTUS decision in Kelo v. New London made the view of municipalities the preeminent view when it enabled eminent domain for economic development (PDF). Topeka’s foundational neighborhoods aren’t so much blighted as neglected. … Continue reading Reader Response to “Suburban Renewal”

Suburban Renewal: Depopulating Downtown Topeka

Topeka has its challenges and opportunities. Challenge: Institutional racism and racist policies have made life hard for people of color in Topeka. Opportunity: Both our state and our Capital City have proud traditions of abolition and liberation. Challenge: Our city budget is stretched — We need to grow our tax base to fund existing city … Continue reading Suburban Renewal: Depopulating Downtown Topeka

Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter. Every person, regardless of race or background, should have a fair chance at the American Dream. But many people never get that fair chance. In this moment, 2020, we have mountains of evidence showing that, due to systemic racism and violence, Black Americans are not on equal footing with their counterparts of … Continue reading Black Lives Matter.