Bike Maps

Here are some local and regional bike maps, including on-street bike routes and bike lanes, as well as multi-use paths and trails. 

The Shawnee County maps include some of the community’s dirt trails for mountain biking and hiking, like Skyline Park and Dornwood Park.

Get Outdoors KS is another great resource for trails in the state. 

Bike Topeka routes & parking map:



Blue/green/purple routes: decent, direct routes through the city. Use caution.

bt-uTurquoise inverted U symbol: Great bike parking – sturdy racks for use with U-locks and bikeshare bikes.

bt-pGradient blue-white “P” symbol: bike parking, less than optimal. Typically wheel-bender type racks.

bt-wrenchYellow wrench symbol: Dero fixit stand. DIY fixing station for your bike! Includes pump and hand tools.

bt-markerBlue marker: bicycle point of interest, including skate / bike parks, trailheads, and bike-friendly places.

bt-bikeGreen bicycle: commercial or nonprofit bike shop.

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