Bike Topeka Maps

This are some of the unofficial and Bike Topeka maps – featuring some recommended routes (this predates the excellent bikeways masterplan), and most of the bike-parking racks in Topeka.

Printable Bike Topeka Map and Guide



Blue/green/purple routes: decent, direct routes through the city. Use caution.

bt-uTurquoise inverted U symbol: Great bike parking – sturdy racks for use with U-locks and bikeshare bikes.

bt-pGradient blue-white “P” symbol: bike parking, less than optimal. Typically wheel-bender type racks.

bt-wrenchYellow wrench symbol: Dero fixit stand. DIY fixing station for your bike! Includes pump and hand tools.

bt-markerBlue marker: bicycle point of interest, including skate / bike parks, trailheads, and bike-friendly places.

bt-bikeGreen bicycle: commercial or nonprofit bike shop.

KDOT has also produced a Bike Topeka map:

KDOT bike topeka mapClick through to use the interactive map tool.

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