Success again.

We had yet another fruitful ride.  A turnout of five, and no vehicle chase this time.  One fixie, one freewheel SS.  Temperature was around 35f.  Not too bad when you’re moving around.  A few of us need to spend a little more time on the bikes in between rides…. STEVE! It’s okay though, he’ll have a single speed for the next one.

The last Friday in February is the 29th – the next time that the 29th of February will be a Friday is in 28 years, so let’s all hope the weather permits this historic ride!

Friday, March 28th should be our biggest ride yet. Remember the date, and think about any kind of promotion you can.  It will probably be light enough to start the ride at 5pm, so we have a good opportunity to include more working people.  Posters, fliers, little pieces of paper stapled around random bikes’ top tubes, let’s do it all.