I think it’s catching on…

We had our biggest ever Critical Mass ride on Friday. And it wasn’t even the last Friday of the month! 17 Riders!

We had some interesting experiences with corking…. the people going East and West on 10th at Gage were NOT happy that we blocked their intersection for almost 30 seconds. We had lots of honks and some shouts, including one “Go ride on the Shunga!”

It’s not fun to make people mad, but it gets people thinking and talking. Once you ride around town for a casual 10 miles on a Critical Mass ride, you realize how easy it is. And when you start riding your bike to work or school, you realize how infrequently you really need a car. Check out Elizabeth’s story – she just put some gas in her car for the first time in three months. When she opened up her gas cap, there was a little spider living inside!

From my Flickr.

Also, check out my dad’s shots.