Friday was Awesome

The Critical Mass (of 12 people) started out with a trip to Fire Station #4.  We knocked on the door and asked if we could all register our bikes.  They started laughing, and realized they only had one registration sticker left.  They sent us downtown to headquarters, where we all registered.  A couple of kids rode up on a BMX and got their bike registered, too.

After that, we rode over to the statehouse for a little photo shoot.

After the shoot, it started to get dark, and we started to get hungry.  We grabbed a ton of snacks at Dillon’s, and went to Micah’s place to watch Quicksilver!  The best part was when we all freaked out and had to rewind and re-watch Larry Fishburne’s sweet dismount like three times.  A great movie, and lots of fun to watch with other cyclists and fixie nuts!  It was fun to decide who was riding fixed or free, and what size people’s chainrings were.  Some of us are pretty big nerds.

But Critical Mass was really fun… and that’s all it needs to be!