Bicycling in the snow is not a crime

It snowed four inches on Tuesday morning.  I called in to work, and called up two friends.  There are some times in life when it is awesome to own three mountain bikes at once.

Ashley wanted to do some shopping, so we biked to the mall.  Tavio was going to walk downtown and get some breakfast, since he had the day off. Drivers were shocked to see us on the roads. Pedestrians and driveway-shovelers were surprised and happy to see us.  We passed traffic easily on Huntoon and Wanamaker.


At the stoplight in front of Walmart on Wanamaker, Ashley bumped her handlebar into a car’s side mirror. There was no damage.  They honked. They yelled. She apologized, profusely, and proceded to ride off as the light turned green.  The three of us rode in front of the car — which happened to be a brand new hybrid — and let it eat our dust as we cruised toward the epicenter of all things commerce in Topeka.  But between 17th and 21st street, a cop in a car slowed down to yell at us:

“Get off the bikes! Get off the road! You’ve already hit one car!”

We continued peacefully and quietly toward West Ridge Mall.  Seriously, dude? You want us to ride that sidewalk? Oh, right, that’s illegal in Topeka. Cool. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the thought to get his car number. So, apparently, the hybrid people called the cops as we were cruising along? Or maybe he saw the whole thing from behind us. Whatever.


We made it to the mall. We were happy to tell people we biked there. Everyone told us we were crazy — we just laughed. We hung out, shopped for a while. Discussed the absurd number of jewelry stores per capita, and the fact that no store at the mall selling “outdoor clothes” actually sells any clothes that are designed for active outdoor wear.


Next, we went to CiCi’s for all-you-can-eat pizza.  We totalled about 25 pieces of pizza, three salads, six cinnamon rolls, two plates of pasta, and a few slices of cinnamon-apple dessert pizza, among assorted other cheese-bread type things.  Probably 5000 calories between the three of us.  City Snow Biking wears you the heck out.

Near-death experience

We stopped at Jac’s Liquor World to stock our messenger bags with beer, and then headed to Tavio’s house to stoke up the logs in the fireplace.  We were having a nice, warm evening filled with conversation and Breckenridge Brewery’s Small Batch 471 IPA when the fire alarm went off.  We turned the lights on to realize the house was filled with smoke!  We opened the doors and turned on the fan, threw the still-burning logs out on the snowy lawn, and tried to stay warm by the coals until finally calling it a night. We were all grateful for the smoke alarm — otherwise, we may have all just fallen asleep permanently!

14 miles of City Snow Biking = Awesome

Though I could have been working, redesigning my website, taking photos, making money somehow….  this was a fine alternative.