Check out Great Plains Running Co

Messenger bags! On sale! With stabilizing straps and moisture-resistant materials!  As well as fancy warm socks and lots of running tights and gear.  Most of the gear is at least as expensive as you’d find in a department store – sometimes moreso – but a few things here and there are on sale.  The best deal is on their messenger bags. They even have a decent website.

If you’re looking for less-expensive winter gear in Topeka, be sure to hit Einstein’s Outdoor Outfitters.  I think I buy one or two pairs of socks a month from that store.  I could spend lots of money there… but I wouldn’t have room for all the stuff I would end up with. They are a great source for military surplus gear.  They don’t have a website, but they’re at about 10th and Mulvane in Topeka.