Topeka Bikeways Rules of The Road 2015 – YouTube

▶ Topeka Bikeways Rules of The Road 2015 – YouTube

City of Topeka puts out video to educate public about bicycle rules of the road (CJOnline)

Topeka’s city government announced Thursday it had placed the first of a series of educational videos it had produced explaining bikeways rules and etiquette on the city’s YouTube channel at and also at .

The three-minute video is the first of several the city plans to put out this year, which are intended to educate people about the rules of the road and make bike riding easier and safer for both riders and drivers, the city said in a news release.

The videos will cover such topics as how to interpret bike lanes, sharrows, and parking lanes, as well as explaining proper etiquette and riding practices, the release said.

It added, “With the current and scheduled on-going implementation of the Topeka Bikeways Plan, and the recently launched Topeka Metro Bike Sharing program, it is vital that everyone be aware and cautious of the emerging presence of bicycles on Topeka roadways.”

The news release noted that May is National Bicycle Month, and said the release of the city’s video is among activities planned to observe that month. A complete listing of activities for May can be viewed at

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