New Topeka Dreams

What do we want the Topeka of the future to look like?

Really, how should it change? Let’s be dramatic with our placemaking.

We’ve spent 10 years ‘Visioning’ and now we’re building ‘Momentum,’ but where are we really going?

Cities of the future have great transportation networks. Are we building that in Topeka?

When children can use the bike lanes, your city has built a safe and comfortable bike network. Photo from BikePortland, posted on BikeWalkKC. Topeka has a few bike lanes, but none of them are buffered, and none of them are visually-protected with bollards or contrasting pavement colors. Complete Streets? Not sure if we have any of those.

Cities of the future have thriving city centers. Are we truly building that in Topeka?

Downtown property for sale (221 SW Harrison St., March 2016): $8,900 4-bedroom, 2-bath. This is six blocks from the Capitol grounds.

Cities of the future are sustainable. We are making strides in this department, at least.

The City of Topeka’s Land Use & Growth Management Plan sets new goals for the City to manage itself in a way that is fiscally responsible, sustainable, and planned. It’s a great plan, and we highly encourage you to check it out
Utrecht, Netherlands, summer 2018.

We’re not joking when we say we want a future that looks like this. It’s happier, healthier, more sustainable, more productive, and richer! For some people, this is real life. It’s maybe a dream for us in Kansas right now, but it’s not made-up. This is a real place, with real people, living their lives in a calmer, simpler, safer way than the residents of our state. We can do it, too.

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