Write your City Council today!

Bikeways Phase IV Connections Detail (more info here)

The Topeka City Council is voting tonight on whether to apply for funding from KDOT to support Phase IV of the Topeka Bikeways plan.

This phase makes critical connections in several parts of the city, including improvements on the Kansas Avenue bridge, connections in North Topeka, several connections in the downtown area, and several improvements along the Shunga Trail. In short, some of the city’s most-used biking and walking facilities.

Topeka has a thorough Bikeways Masterplan, based on transportation connections all over the city, as well as connecting recreation trails to important destinations like schools, government offices, and commercial districts. The City of Topeka has successfully won millions of dollars in federal grant funding because of the strength of its Bikeways Masterplan. The implementation of this plan into the public right-of-way — on our streets, sidewalks, and trails — has bolstered our community’s level of transportation safety and access, and improved our appeal to active families.

Let’s keep up the momentum! Write your City Council member with your support: email council@topeka.org with your thoughts. (Find your specific council member here.) In addition, consider signing up to speak briefly tonight at the 6pm Council meeting. Email the City Clerk’s office before 4pm to get on the list.