Summer updates

Be nice to city workers and construction crews. Sometimes they’re dealing with surprise geysers.

If you’ve been riding around town… you have probably seen some progress! Here are some good things happening in the Capital City:

The 12th Street Project is underway. Construction is happening between Kansas Avenue and Washburn Avenue. The street is almost entirely torn up, with very few north-south crossings open between downtown and midtown. The surface is being prepared at the east end, and at the west end, trees are being cleared and new utility poles are being set into the easement. Smoother street surface, tidier utilities, bike lanes, and contiguous sidewalks… what’s not to love?

The 10th Street project is also underway. From Fairlawn to Wanamaker, the street is being widened, and sidepaths are being added. This will make a great east-west connection for bikes and pedestrians along 10th Street from Gage all the way to Wanamaker. This much-needed link will be a great resource for the people who live and work in the area. No more walking in the gutter!

But you win some, you lose some. Here’s the not-so-good summer update:

The Polk-Quincy Viaduct project was approved for funding by KDOT. The latest disappointment of this mistaken highway project is the revelation that Harvester’s, Catholic Charities, and Let’s Help will all be forced to relocate as part of the highway construction process. More than 60 years later, “progress” is still being used as the excuse to displace people in need. If you happen to have 40,000 square feet of refrigerated warehouse space within the downtown area, please give Harvester’s a call. Short of that opportunity, please give your city councilors a call.

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  1. The mileage markers on the Shunga Trail are great!  But, coming from the east to the west, why does the marker begin at Golden instead of further east where it intersects with the Deer Creek Trail?Also, when the Shunga Trail was created, why were the walkers given the right of way?  Just wondering. Artie Gonzales

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