Bike Fest FAQs


Is this “family friendly”?
Of course! Bring the kids, bring the stroller!
Where do I park my car?
The best place to park will be at the Judicial Center parking lots near 10th & Harrison.
Where do I park my bike?
Bring it right on in the barricades, and lock up to a parking meter. There will be no cars on Jackson Ave.
It’s hot! Where can I get water?
We will not have water available for visitors.
Where are the restrooms?
Portable restrooms are located in the 800 block of SW Jackson Ave.
I have a baby in diapers. Are there changing stations?
We do not have changing stations. Some downtown businesses will be open. The Capitol grounds also have some discreet spots.
Where is the food?
Food vendors will be located at 8th & Jackson
Where is the alcohol?
There are a few bars nearby!

Can I smoke at this event?
It’s a public event.

Where are the trash cans?
There are recycling and trash cans throughout the area.

I’m lost! Where can I get directions?
Visit the registration tent at 9th & Jackson.
I’ve lost my child! Who do I talk to?
Visit the registration tent at 9th & Jackson.
Medical Emergency! Who do I talk to?
Go to the fire truck in the 800 block of SW Jackson.
Is my service dog allowed?

Is my emotional support animal allowed?


Where do I check in to start my volunteer shift?
Visit the registration tent.

Who do I contact in case of emergency?
Visit the registration tent.


How do I register as a vendor?
Register here.

What permits do I need?
You must be licensed.

What paperwork do I need on hand?
Please keep your license available.

Where do I park?
You will be given a map with the location.

What utilities should I self-supply?
No utilities are available for vendors.

What are my back-up utility options?
Quiet generators are permitted.

Is alcohol allowed?

When do I need to be there?
Before 9am.

How long should I be there for?
Until 4pm.

Can I leave early?

Is ice available?