Bike Month 2015

A few of us met yesterday to get the Bike Month conversation started for next year. May will be here before we know it. We put together a pretty good roadmap of events for the month. The best part is that all of this is totally manageable!

To get involved, fill out the short form at the end of the post!

  1. Next meeting: 5:30 p.m., Tues. Jan. 6th at PT’s, 17th & Washburn
  2. Attendees: Jenny, Bita, Alan, Ralph, Karl
  3. Event ideas
    1. Ride with the City Manager, City Council Proclamation
    2. Bike to Work Day free breakfast station
    3. Taco Ride
    4. Glow Ride
    5. Dairy Queen Ride (Alan)
    6. Ride of Silence (Reid?)
    7. Women’s Event (Bita)
    8. Cottonwood 200 – May 23-25 (KVBC)
    9. Capitol Classic (KVBC)
    10. Bike Expo with the Library
      1. Learn to Ride / Commuter Class
      2. Bring your bike for tune-up
      3. Bike Rodeo for kids + education
      4. Bike handling skills
      5. Intro to LAB education
      6. Freak bike show
      7. Helmet fitting / helmet giveaway
      8. Bikeshare bikes demo
      9. Might just be in conjunction with the Library, but not actually *at* the Library.
    11. Block Party in NOTO
      1. Some Friday night in May
      2. Block off the street for two blocks, no cars
      3. Freak bike show
      4. Street tricks competition
      5. Food trucks nearby
      6. Skateboards, strollers, everyone invited
    12. All weekly rides should be on Bike Month calendar, including ride leader contact info, ride details, and ride description — to welcome newcomers
      1. Old Phogies
      2. Pizzagel’s Rides
      3. Dover Dog
      4. Dornwood MTB rides
      5. Sunday Funday
      6. Gravel rides (?)
      7. Fairlawn Starter
      8. Other events in NE Kansas