Make Topeka safer, three feet at a time!

The Topeka Community Cycle Project and the Topeka Police Department are teaming up to buy a “3-ft device” to measure how close a car passes a bicycle. The device will be used to help enforce the Kansas law that requires motorists to give at least three feet of clearance when passing cyclists.

But they can’t do it alone! Can you help the campaign? The device costs about $2000, and once purchased, the Police have offered to use it in enforcement at least once a year.


Designed and manufactured by Codaxus of Austin Texas, the C3FT registers the 3 foot violation, indicates the distance the car is passing, in inches, and is recording this information the whole time with a HERO 4 GoPro Silver. The device has been used with great success for almost a year now by Officer Robert Simmons of the Chattanooga Police Department. “Our primary goal is not to write citations; our primary goal is education, [and] behavior modifications,” states Simmons.

Campaign contributors will have the benefit of knowing that they are contributing to safer streets here in Topeka – educating riders and drivers, and preventing collisions. Contribute to the GoFundme campaign now to help purchase a C3FT for Topeka.